According to the German Packaging Act, all sales and outer packaging that is delivered to private end users in Germany and is generated as waste by them is considered packaging that requires a license and must therefore be participated in a dual system. But who is responsible for which packaging?

Use the following practical cases to find out what the German Packaging Act means for you:

You sell to an importer or intermediary located in Germany

Since you as the exporter usually no longer have legal responsibility for the goods at the time they cross the border to Germany, but the importer or the intermediary, you are not responsible for fulfilling the German Packaging Act. Instead, compliance is the responsibility of the intermediary or importer. In order to be able to prove this beyond doubt, a contractual confirmation with the trading partners can be useful.


You ship your products directly to the German end consumer

If you ship the products directly to the German end consumer, you act like an importer. You bear the legal responsibility of the goods when they cross the border and must therefore comply with the obligations of the German Packaging Act.

According to the Packaging Act, you are therefore responsible for the system participation of the following packaging:

  • all packaging and packaging components that are imported with the goods into the German territory
  • all other packaging that you fill yourself or add to the goods

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