According to the German Packaging Act, all sales and outer packaging that is delivered to private end users in Germany and is generated as waste by them is considered packaging that requires a license and must therefore participate in a dual system. But who is responsible for which packaging?

Use the following practical cases to find out what the German Packaging Act means for you:

You bear the legal responsibility for the goods when they cross the border

Since an importer actively brings goods into Germany, he is normally the person who has the legal responsibility for them when crossing the border and who is therefore subject to the obligations arising from the German Packaging Act.*

According to the Packaging Act, you are therefore responsible for the system participation of the following packaging:

  • all packaging and packaging components that are imported with the goods into the German territory
  • all other packaging that you fill yourself or add to the goods


*Other arrangements should be clearly stipulated in the contract with the business partners.

You also sell your products online

You will find detailed answers on online trading in the context of the German Packaging Act on the following page:
The Packaging Act for Onlinestores

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