Interzero wins the German Sustainability Award 2024

We are delighted to have been recognised together as Interzero as the leading recycling service provider in Europe. In addition to winning the German Sustainability Award 2024 in the "Waste and Recycling Management" category, we also received the special award in the "Resources" category. The awards confirm that our commitment to a sustainable future is recognised and are proof that our vision of a world without waste is bearing fruit.
The "resources SAVED by recycling" study by the Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute also illustrates how much we at Interzero contribute to protecting the environment. It shows that we at Interzero were able to save around 8.7 million tonnes of primary resources in 2022 by recycling around 2.1 million tonnes of recyclable materials. This corresponds to the avoidance of around one million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Based on this data, we were able to postpone Earth Overshoot Day by 7:16 minutes in 2022, as calculated by the Global Footprint Network (GFN). This great figure underlines the global impact of our efforts to use resources sustainably.

We see the award as a huge incentive for future developments in the circular economy and use the prize as an impetus for discussions on the further development of circular solutions.


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Schließen Öffnen License packaging and restore peatlands
License packaging and restore peatlands

Whoo-hoo! A double victory for the circular economy: as Interzero, we have been honoured with both the German Sustainability Award 2024 and the special prize in the "Resources" category.