Introducing the new Lizenzero interface

As a middlemen, the Lizenzero interface gives you a way to forward your customer data to us as a single (large or small) package – and without any minimum contract volume or payment of an additional fee. This solution lets you simply skip per-customer contract data entry and free up the resources it is using. While the process is simpler, there are no compromises on Lizenzero quality: we issue you with an individual proof of participation for forwarding to each of your customers, with all of the details needed for use as a marketplace EPR certificate. Attractive pricing models are also available – please contact us for further details.

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The Lizenzero interface: Your benefits at a glance

  1. Huge time and cost savings: Instead of tying up your human resources with manual, per-customer data entry, simply send us all of your data with a single click.
  2. Compliant EPR certificates: Provide your customers with the all-important EPR certificate quickly and easily, ensuring that they can stay compliant as marketplace sellers.
  3. Straightforward billing process: Your bookkeeping team will appreciate the simple, clear-cut month-end billing process.
  4. Maximum flexibility: New customer records can be added at any time and there is no minimum contract volume.
  5. Immediate, real-time results: If you decide to use our API option, then the EPR certificate issuing process is completed in real time.
  6. Attractive pricing models: We offer exclusive conditions to our Lizenzero partners – please enquire for details.
  7. Premium service for your customers: Forget the lengthy processing and response times you might have encountered with other system providers: our Lizenzero interface solution ensures you can offer your customers a best-in-class service package.


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The Lizenzero interface: How it works

As a middlemen, you have the choice of two formats when it comes to submitting your data via our interface solution:

  1. Excel file: Simply format your customer details as an Excel worksheet and then email us the spreadsheet file.
  2. API: Alternatively, you can connect to our API and fully automate the data transfer process.

Whichever variant you decide to implement, we will issue you with an individual certificate for each of your customers. Forward this to your customer as their EPR certificate and make your life – and their business – simpler with our industry-leading service. 

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Schließen Öffnen License packaging and restore peatlands
License packaging and restore peatlands

Whoo-hoo! A double victory for the circular economy: as Interzero, we have been honoured with both the German Sustainability Award 2024 and the special prize in the "Resources" category.