The EU has many new plans to drive forward the sustainability of packaging. This is particularly evident in the draft Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). This sets out requirements for packaging and packaging waste from all materials placed on the European market.
Peatlands are real climate heroes. They are our largest and most effective carbon stores (yes, even more effective than trees), provide biodiversity and serve as natural water reservoirs that help prevent flooding. They are also a landscape feature. The problem: by draining peatlands for agricultural land or infrastructural purposes, these valuable CO2 reservoirs are lost. We want to change that! That is why we renaturalise a piece of moor for every packaging licence.
The digital revolution has unlocked many opportunities, with ecommerce being a key business driver. As the number of online buyers continues to increase, making your way in this vast landscape has become a challenge for both emerging entrepreneurs and established businesses. Understanding your customers and their continually changing behavior is crucial to achieving success.
You have received an e-mail from the Central Packaging Register (ZSVR)? Then watch out! You probably haven't fulfilled all your Packaging Act obligations. A large mailing campaign by the ZSVR is currently reaching many traders. Why the authority is now sending out mailings, what the terms "system participation", "LUCID number" and "data reporting" have to do with it and what you have to do now, we will take a look at in the article.
Why your LUCID/EPR number may be invalid and what you can do about it.
Since July 1, 2022, marketplaces have suspended many seller accounts. What is the reason for this and how to prevent it, you can read in this article.
Sustainability, environmental protection, resource conservation: these and similar buzzwords have become increasingly important to society in recent years. Because we feel that a future worth living in is not possible without new approaches to solving these issues. The term circular economy comes up again and again in this context.
Etsy is an online marketplace for unusual products on which a number of vendors sell handmade and creative goods. Fashion, jewelry, cosmetic products, art, photography, toys and used goods can be discovered and purchased on the platform. Etsy sellers usually sell for commercial purposes and are small business owners. Accordingly, the rules of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) apply when shipping their products to private end customers in Germany, which imposes certain obligations on the sellers. These requirements are now also controlled by Etsy. No sales are possible without compliance with the packaging Act.
In the course of the VerpackG amendment, marketplaces will have to check all traders who sell through them to Germany with regard to compliance with the VerpackG requirements from July 2022. eBay has brought Lizenzero on board as a solution partner in this process.
Requirements of the Packaging Act Amendment for Marketplaces
Similar to what happened in Germany in 2021 with the amendment of the Packaging Act (VerpackG), packaging legislation was also comprehensively tackled in our neighbouring country Austria. For this purpose, both the Austrian Waste Management Act (AWG-Novelle Kreislaufwirtschaftspaket, adopted on 10.12.2021) and the Austrian Packaging Ordinance (VerpackVO Novelle 2021, adopted on 29.12.2021) were revised. Some of the numerous amendments specifically address foreign online retailers who ship their products to Austria.
Amazon and other marketplaces are currently informing all their sellers who send goods to Germany about new obligations in 2022 and requiring them to submit their so-called "EPR number(s)". From 2022, the EPR registration number(s) will be required as proof of compliance with the legislation applicable in Germany for placing packaging, electrical equipment and batteries on the market, as a basic prerequisite for a trader to be able to sell to Germany via online marketplaces such as Amazon & Co. Incidentally, the same applies to France. What exactly needs to be done is explained step by step in our article.
We have news for you! From January 2022, Lizenzero will be operated by the newly founded Interseroh+ GmbH, which will take the place of the INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH. The new dual system is committed to an innovative concept that enables major partners from trade and manufacturing to become an integral part of the solution for efficient recycling cycles. Under the guiding principle of a "recycling alliance", we thus want to come a few steps closer to protecting the climate and resources.
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License packaging and restore peatlands

Your packaging licence now ensures even more climate protection! For every tonne of licensed packaging, we restore a piece of peatland! Why? Peatlands are our largest and most effective carbon reservoirs.