The EU has many new plans to drive forward the sustainability of packaging. This is particularly evident in the draft Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). This sets out requirements for packaging and packaging waste from all materials placed on the European market.
Etsy is an online marketplace for unusual products on which a number of vendors sell handmade and creative goods. Fashion, jewelry, cosmetic products, art, photography, toys and used goods can be discovered and purchased on the platform. Etsy sellers usually sell for commercial purposes and are small business owners. Accordingly, the rules of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) apply when shipping their products to private end customers in Germany, which imposes certain obligations on the sellers. These requirements are controlled by Etsy. No sales are possible without compliance with the packaging Act. What do distributors of goods have to do in order to comply with the German Packaging Act on Etsy? We have collected the most important information for you.
Sales on digital marketplaces are booming. This offers retailers a wide range of opportunities to market and sell their products, but in turn it also means a lot of waste in the form of shipping and product packaging. In this blog article, together with our partner MarketPlace Expert, we summarise the obligations arising from the Packaging Act for you as an online retailer.
The continuous rise of e-commerce and the introduction of new business models opened various possibilities for creating entirely new economic operators competing with traditional businesses for profit. New types of businesses can operate entirely online without the need for a physical presence in the countries where they have customers. Find out more here.
We are delighted to have been recognised together as Interzero as the leading recycling service provider in Europe. In addition to winning the German Sustainability Award 2024 in the "Waste and Recycling Management" category, we also received the special award in the "Resources" category. The awards confirm that our commitment to a sustainable future is recognised and are proof that our vision of a world without waste is bearing fruit.
Since as early as January 2019, companies that place sales packaging on the market have to comply with various requirements at different points in time in accordance with the German Packaging Act. This can quickly lead to confusion: Which obligation must be completed by when? What do companies have to do only once, and what recurrently?
You have received an e-mail from the Central Packaging Register (ZSVR)? Then watch out! You probably haven't fulfilled all your Packaging Act obligations. A large mailing campaign by the ZSVR is currently reaching many traders. Why the authority is now sending out mailings, what the terms "system participation", "LUCID number" and "data reporting" have to do with it and what you have to do now, we will take a look at in the article.
Selling via e-commerce platforms offers you as a retailer a wealth of opportunities, but also harbours a number of legal challenges. Due to the high level of competition, you should not only market your products effectively on marketplaces, but also create a solid legal basis.
It is one of the three obligations of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG): The registration with LUCID. Behind the LUCID packaging register is the authority Central Agency Packaging Register, which checks the correct compliance with the specifications of the VerpackG. Often companies, which have to comply with the Packaging Act, are not completely or incorrectly registered. How is the registration fully completed? What has to be considered? You can find answers and an overview of your obligations here.
Peatlands are real climate heroes. They are our largest and most effective carbon stores (yes, even more effective than trees), provide biodiversity and serve as natural water reservoirs that help prevent flooding. They are also a landscape feature. The problem: by draining peatlands for agricultural land or infrastructural purposes, these valuable CO2 reservoirs are lost. We want to change that! That is why we renaturalise a piece of moor for every packaging licence.
The digital revolution has unlocked many opportunities, with ecommerce being a key business driver. As the number of online buyers continues to increase, making your way in this vast landscape has become a challenge for both emerging entrepreneurs and established businesses. Understanding your customers and their continually changing behavior is crucial to achieving success.
Why your LUCID/EPR number may be invalid and what you can do about it.
Schließen Öffnen License packaging and restore peatlands
License packaging and restore peatlands

Whoo-hoo! A double victory for the circular economy: as Interzero, we have been honoured with both the German Sustainability Award 2024 and the special prize in the "Resources" category.