How-To-Guide: Data reporting made easy with the exclusive volume download from Lizenzero!


One of the most error-prone obligations of the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) is the data report. If the quantities in the LUCID customer account do not match the values of the dual system, sanctions such as fines or formal warnings can be threatened. The problem: the quantities must always be reported twice – 1x to the dual system 1x to LUCID. Even small typing errors are enough and the company concerned acts disorderly.

We from Lizenzero want to solve this problem for our customers and have developed an innovative, simple and time-saving solution: the volume download for LUCID! You can read here, how exactly this tool works.


What is the data reporting obligation?

All sales packaging, which an entrepreneur puts into circulation in the course of a year, must be licensed under a dual system. To check whether the entrepreneur complies with the VerpackG, he must report the quantities of packaging licenced with the dual system to the LUCID packaging register. The quantities must be exactly the same in both places at all times – every quantity-related data report that an entrepreneur makes to the dual system must also be mirrored in the LUCID register.

Note: Data reporting is required at different times. Read the blog article "Data reporting" to find out when which reporting should take place.


Avoid sanctions – our innovative solution!

Often, double reporting leads to manual transmission errors, as typing errors can quickly occur due to manual data entry. If the packaging quantities do not match, the entrepreneur concerned may be threatened with sanctions and formal warnings.

In order to make life easier for our customers and to avoid incorrect data messages, we have developed a simple download function which is now available to all customers in their Lizenzero customer account: the volume download for LUCID.

With the help of this simple solution your data at Lizenzero will always match the data in your LUCID account and you avoid unpleasant mail from the ZSVR.

In your Lizenzero customer account you can download your licensed packaging quantities as a so-called XML file – this is a format that is also accepted by LUCID. You do not need any special programs for this, since you only download the file from us and directly upload it again in LUCID.


Instructions: That’s how the quantity report works with the volume download for LUCID

The following video explains the steps for a successful data report using the volume download for LUCID. Watch the video to make your data report even easier, more time efficient and in compliance with the law:


In addition, we have outlined the process in a step-by-step guide so that you can clearly follow all the individual steps again:

In the Lizenzero customer account

  1. Use your login details to log in to your Lizenzero account.
  2. Click on "Volume Reporting" in the menu on the left to go to the data reporting.
  3. Then click on "Volume Reporting Central Agency Packaging Register (XML)" in the top right-hand corner to go to the volume download:
  4. You will get an overview of your licensed quantities. To start the download, scroll down and click either on the button "Your current volumes" or "Your annual volumes" as required.
  5. Save the file.

In the LUCID account

  1. Log in to your LUCID account with your access data.
  2. Then click on "Edit" in the "Data report" area.
  3. Make an XML report by clicking on "Start" in the "XML report" area.
  4. Select the XML file you have just downloaded under "Select file". Note: You do not need to specify here what type of data reporting (reporting your current quantities vs. reporting your year-end quantities) is involved, as this information is contained in the XML file.
  5. Upload the quantities by clicking on "Upload files".
  6. You will receive the message "Report successful" - the data report is finished.


Short reminder - overview of your VerpackG obligations

The data reporting obligation is only one of the three obligations of the Packaging Act. Entrepreneurs who fill sales packaging with goods for the first time and put it into circulation commercially must comply with all three of the following obligations:

  1. Obligation to register: Entrepreneurs must register completely in the LUCID packaging register.
  2. Obligation to participate in the system: In order to contribute to the professional collection, sorting and recycling of packaging, companies that place packaging on the market must subsequently participate in a dual system such as Interseroh via Lizenzero by paying a "licence fee". In addition, the registration number, which the company receives by e-mail after registering with LUCID, must be deposited with the dual system.

License your packaging now

  1. Data report obligation: Finally, the licensed packaging quantities and the name of the dual system must be stored in the LUCID account. The data report is a continuous obligation, which includes, among other things, the year-end quantity report due at the beginning of a year. With the help of the instructions explained above, this duty can be carried out correctly.

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