Recycling Alliance Interseroh+: A new stage in packaging recycling


We have news for you! From January 2022, Lizenzero will be operated by the newly founded Interseroh+ GmbH, which will take the place of the INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH. The new dual system is committed to an innovative concept that enables major partners from trade and manufacturing to become an integral part of the solution for efficient recycling cycles. Under the guiding principle of a "recycling alliance", we thus want to come a few steps closer to protecting the climate and resources.

As a reminder: Dual systems are private-sector companies that organise the collection and recycling processes of packaging in return for the license fees paid by their customers (such as traders, producers, importers – in short, all companies that put sales packaging into circulation in Germany). Packaging that enters this cycle remains usable and can be processed into new products. The continuous production of new primary raw materials can thus be avoided: This is the circular economy our future needs.

Why a new dual system, why Interseroh+?

The aim of Interseroh+ is to create a collaborative recycling alliance. What does this mean? As partners of Interseroh+ GmbH, large commercial enterprises have the opportunity to participate much more actively in the Circular Economy than previously, and in return benefit directly from state-of-the-art sorting and recycling solutions and access to recycling materials. In this way, Interseroh+, with the Recycling Alliance as its guiding principle, aims to strategically drive collaborative work towards a future worth living in and to create a win-win situation for us all.

What does Interseroh+ mean for you as a Lizenzero customer?

Although Lizenzero will be operated by Interseroh+ GmbH from 2022, nothing will change for you as a Lizenzero customer: Lizenzero will remain Lizenzero and all contractual components will continue unchanged.

But please make sure that you select "Interseroh+ GmbH" as your dual system for all reports in LUCID that refer to the license year 2022 and following. If you still want to change your packaging quantities for 2021, e.g. as part of your end-of-year volume report, simply continue to enter "INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH" as your dual system in LUCID.

Apart from these practical tips and hints, we – as every other unit of Interseroh+ – are continuously working with Lizenzero and our more than 24,000 Lizenzero customers to make sustainability and climate protection much GREATER in the future through an effective circular economy – for a world without waste.

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