We want Moore!
Why our peatlands are so worth protecting

Peatlands not only create unique landscapes, but are also essential players in the fight against climate change. As nature's largest and most efficient carbon stores, they contribute significantly to the preservation of biodiversity and play a crucial role as natural water reservoirs that prevent flooding.

BUT: Our moors are threatened! They store twice as much carbon as all forests worldwide and are therefore actually real climate heroes. However, due to drainage and conversion into agricultural land, these valuable ecosystems are gradually being lost. 
Concrete measures are needed to preserve the role of peatlands in climate protection! Peatlands can be protected through renaturation, rewetting and targeted water management. Together with Mission to Marsh, we are doing just that in our "We want Moore!" project. For every tonne of licensed sales packaging at Interseroh+, we renaturalise a piece of the Venner Moor.


Was will das Verpackungsgesetz eigentlich? In Kurzform: Höhere Recyclingquoten und eine effiziente Kreislaufwirtschaft, die die Zukunft tragen kann – Themen, die uns alle etwas angehen, im Dienste einer lebenswerten Welt für uns und unsere Folgegenerationen.

Um diese Ziele zu erreichen, bedarf es einer unbedingten Zusammenarbeit: Denn mit der Erfüllung Ihrer Produktverantwortung, die das VerpackG fordert, leisten Sie einen echten Beitrag für die Umwelt. Ihre Lizenzentgelte fließen direkt in den Entsorgungs- und Recyclingprozess, den wir für Sie organisieren und an dessen Ende wichtige Ressourcen geschont und schädliche Treibhausgase eingespart werden. So entstehen Wertstoffkreisläufe zum Beispiel von Papier, Kunststoff, Eisenmetall, Aluminium oder Glas und echte Zusammenarbeit macht sich bezahlt. DANKE!

Advantages through the protection of peatlands

Peatlands are important ecosystems that provide a wide range of ecological and economic benefits. Their preservation and restoration is of key importance. In addition to storing carbon, peatlands offer many other unique benefits to our environment:


Peatlands are an important habitat for many plant and animal species, including threatened species.

Water storage

Peatlands serve as natural water reservoirs and can help prevent flooding.


Peatlands are a special landscape feature and contribute to the preservation of a region's cultural identity.

The coveted raw material from the marshland

One hectare of moorland stores six times as much CO₂ as a forest. Due to the special conditions in the moor, organic substances decompose slowly, storing considerable amounts of carbon in the form of peat. This process makes a significant contribution to regulating the CO₂ content in our atmosphere.

By renaturalising moorland areas and promoting sustainable farming methods, we can counteract the drying out of our moors.

Drained peatlands have harmful consequences for the climate

Draining just one hectare of peatland releases as much CO₂ as a car travelling around the world 4.5 times. The consequences of this drainage are immense. When peatlands dry out, the carbon stored in them comes into contact with oxygen and is converted into the climate-damaging gas CO₂. This sets off a vicious circle: the rising CO₂ content in the atmosphere intensifies the effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns, which in turn further promote the drying out of peatlands.


Together with Mission to Marsh, we renaturalise a piece of the Venner Moor for every tonne of licensed sales packaging. In doing so, we protect the habitat of many endangered animal and plant species and secure areas for CO₂ storage.

Mission to Marsh is committed to protecting wetlands through science, conservation action and by creating a wildlife appreciation movement.

Get involved. License your packaging and together we will restore the Venner Moor! For every tonne of licensed packaging in the dual system Interseroh+, we renature a piece of the moor. Are you already a Lizenzero customer? Perfect, then you have already automatically contributed to the renaturation.

Our project: The Venner Moor in Osnabrück

Licensing packaging and renaturalising moors:
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Closing licences and renaturalising peatlands

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With the Recycling Alliance, we are now directly restoring a piece of moorland for every packaging licence.

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License packaging and restore peatlands

Whoo-hoo! A double victory for the circular economy: as Interzero, we have been honoured with both the German Sustainability Award 2024 and the special prize in the "Resources" category.